Troubleshoot Common Problems With ECig Batteries

Electronic cigarettes operate on rechargeable lithium batteries and comprise of an atomizer, cartridge and tip. Majority of the electronic cigarettes come with an LED that lights up when users inhale the cigarette. The main purpose of an e-cigarette is to provide nicotine to the smoker with minimum damage to the smoker’s health and also to the people nearby.

An electronic cigarette cartridge has e-liquid, which contains the chemical propylene glycol in addition to nicotine and flavoring. When the batteries heat up the atomizer, it converts the liquid into vapor, which thesmokerinhales.

ecig batteries


Since electronic cigarettes are battery operated devices, there will be times when you might suddenly find that your e-cigarette isn’t working properly. In order troubleshoot common problems with ecig batteries, it is important to check a few things.

  • Determine the type of battery your e-cigarette has. In other words, understand the construction and the functioning. Usually the e-cigarettes have the lithium-ion polymer batteries, which are rechargeable and have a long life. It is important to know the battery so that you are able to identify what problems may arise in it.
  • Check whether the battery is the culprit. This can be done by replacing a functional battery in and checking for faults in atomizer. Once confirmed that indeed the battery is the issue, remove the battery from the atomizer. The atomizer contains moisture which can impact the performance by making the battery wet. In that case, the battery should be buried in a bag of rice for two days so that the rice absorbs the extra moisture.
  • Make sure that the battery is properly placed in the charger at the time of charging. If the battery had been moist or wet earlier, do not charge it until dry as it may lead to short circuit of the battery and charger both
  • Another common cause of under performance of the battery may be that you exhaust it fully and over use it
  • You may be storing your battery after draining it. An e-cigarette battery should be charged and stored otherwise it will go dry, consequently reducing battery life
  • If the e-cigarette fails to produce vapor then check the battery contacts with the atomizer. It is important to have tight and firm contacts so that the battery can fully be connected to the atomizer
  • The e-cigarette batteries may simply be due for a replacement
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